Chloe Aftel Centers Trans Lives during Pandemic – Published in Refinery29

Soon after the first wave of COVID-19 cases sent the U.S. into lockdown, photographer Chloe Aftel, author of Outside & In Between, began to plan a project that would center trans subjects. “A big focus for all of my work is marginalized groups — non-binary people, women, poor people. These are the people who are most readily and often forgotten during decent times. So what on earth happens to them in times of crisis?” Aftel says. She ended up exploring, via photographs, video, and interviews, the experiences of eight trans people during lockdown. “I really wanted to convey the beauty, diversity, individuality, and uniqueness of all the different people in the trans community — that it isn’t one kind of person,” she says. “And I was really grateful to have the opportunity to do it.”

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