Meet Photographer Michael Warren

Meet photographer Michael Warren

 Based out of Boston, MA, Lifestyle and Portrait photographer Michael Warren strives to authentically connect with his subjects. “My work, personal and professional, has always been driven by a respectful curiosity in people from all walks of life and their individual stories.”

A seasoned veteran photographer with numerous successful campaigns under his belt, Michael’s intention shines through his lens to his subjects, capturing the raw emotion of a person, scene, brand or landscape. His clients love the positive energy he brings to set along with a curiousity and collaborative spirit. ” I once had a client who came to factory we were shooting in and the plant manager didn’t really explain where we were setup, but as soon as she entered the space she simply followed the laughter she heard. I think in some ways she found it refreshing because she had forgotten the concept of truly loving and enjoying what you do for a living. It’s not that we don’t take our work seriously, just that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. This group effort and the experience of creating stories never gets old.”

Some of Michael’s clients include: Merck, The New England Journal of Medicine, Bose, New Balance, HP, Intuit, Total Energy, Clarks, Fidelity, Six Flags, Amex, and more.

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