Markku’s “Taxi Project” Featured On the AtEdge Blog

Markku took a moment to talk with AtEdge regarding his “Taxi Project”.   Their in-depth interview delves into the projects original vision to bring the world of taxis to life; first in Mumbai and then Havana and then reveals how it ultimately transformed into a pictorial history lesson from the viewpoint of the cities’ taxi cabs & their drivers.  Now a two-part series featuring 90+ images that showcase the eccentric and unique cars in the midst of the bustle, or the rare silence, of the two major cities.

In Havana, Markku and his wife/designer, Anne, would walk from early morning to late night, shooting around the city and looking for the situations & people that looked interesting or fun. After a day of shooting, they would go through the images in the hotel and check if there was anything else he needed.  The next day, they’d go back out and shoot more elements for those images to make them complete. After walking for 5 days, they finally returned home and the images went into post-production.

Oh the Places You’ll Go.  Bravo Markku.  The full interview here.