Ty Cole for Pier 17, Work In Progress

When SHoP Architects commissioned Ty to document the progress of Pier 17, at the South Street Seaport in Manhattan, he was pretty stoked.  That’s because not only are they on the forefront of modern work but the site was still a construction site, without many finished surfaces so it was a great opportunity to step outside the boundaries of a typical architectural shoot — meaning there was no finished product to document so he could focus on the setting and people, letting the architecture set the stage but not the story.

The interior of the site was pretty chaotic and littered with machinery, materials and people.  So instead of trying to avoid all those obstacles he included them.  Dust was flying everywhere and when the sunrise cut through, the light was streaming in, just over the Brooklyn Bridge and it gave the open space an amazing atmosphere.  The main focus was the architecture and this requires a level of precision and time, of which he did not have much of the latter so  he strapped a camera around his shoulder with another on tripod. This way he could create the typical architectural photograph but still allow the flexibility to capture both the architectural and candid moments.

See more spaces and environments at TyCole.com.

Pier 17 under construction in New York City.




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