Simon Puschmann goes to 14,000 feet for Daimler Benz

A dream project with motion and stills of the Mercedes-Maybach G650.

client: Daimler Benz AG | project: Mercedes Maybach G 650 Landaulet | director: Simon Puschmann | agency: RMG Stuttgart | creative director: Stephan Cammarota | producer: Bigfish, Andrea Roman Perse & Gesche Carstens | service producer chile: Andres Herran | photo assistant: Daniel Montecinos | precision driver: Pamela Ammann | DOP:  Ekkehart Pollack | sound track: playdis Berlin | post production print: Harvest Digital Argiculture | post production tvc: Harvest Digital Agriculture | editor: Andreas Bable and Marcel Torres Izquierdo | location: Chile | year: 2016