Hay, Hay Zack Seckler Adds “Equine Sublime” to His Ongoing Animal Portfolio

Zack’s latest project “Equine Sublime” was born from an ongoing inspiration with how animals are depicted in cultural touchstones like storybooks and animated motion pictures. Zack, a Dad of two toddlers, often finds himself immersed in the wonders and fantasies of childhood and it is these experiences which led to his curiosity.

Equine Sublime is a departure from his prior, more fantastical, animal studies involving rare birds and complex compositing. This time, we see Zack using a more simplistic approach; using the magic of Photoshop to invoke subtle, yet distinctly anthropomorphized, portraits. As a side note, although Zack wasn’t able to get these horses to smile on their own, it brought a smile to his face when he learned the horses’ favorite treat: peppermints 🙂

Horse Smile © 2017 Zack Seckler 00004 Horse Smile © 2017 Zack Seckler 00001 Horse Smile © 2017 Zack Seckler 00003 Horse Smile © 2017 Zack Seckler 00002


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