Shawn Michienzi, On the Road Making Friends and Portraits for Cal State University

Shawn’s career connections run deep, he and his work leave a lasting impact.  Fast forward from a chance meeting at a party two years ago to receiving an email from EP Randi Feinberg at branded content studio Department of the 4th Dimension.  Her team was looking for a photographer on a rebranding project for Cal State University and she remembered him.

The brief was pretty straightforward, CD Matt Checkowski wanted portraits that were similar in style to Shawn’s Person to Person project.  Ultimately the approach they all agreed on was a truly editorial style one; it would be just Shawn and his 1st assistant road-tripping and working on five separate campuses.

You can see more pics from this project and read more about the student success profiles here.

AA0_3771_final Pixels

AA0_7711_final Pixels

DSC08797_final 600 PixelsAA0_5943_final 600 Pixels


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