Cade Martin, Lights, Sets and Action for Star Wars Toys Launch for Target

Deutsch LA. Star Wars. Target = a Dream Project.

Cade couldn’t have been more excited to get the brief from Deutsch for a project to photograph the latest Star Wars toys for Target.  Wow. Amazing. Yes, yes, yes.

From the first call, it was clear that the agency knew who they were looking for — a photographer that loved cinema and also harbored an inner-nerd.   They had seen in Cade what we do — that his picture making and life are heavily influenced by the movies and comics of his youth.

The agency was just as excited as he was to envision the scenes that these toys would inhabit. Cade pulling inspiration from the original King Kong, Ray Harryhausen, Jason and the Argonauts, Anomalisa and the amazing stop-motion work from Laika.  And we loved that they were totally on board with Cade’s cinematic approach, wanting to capture everything in-camera.

Ultimately lots of sets, lots of lights, lots of camera and lots of action.  See more on Cade’s Tumblr here 





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