Markku’s Images Turn Heads at the Black and White Spider Awards

With his “Jumbo Rock” series garnering Honorable Mention and Nominations in the Fine Art category at this year’s Black and White Spider Awards, it’s clear that it’s not just us that have a fascination with these clever Markku images.  For Markku, love of giant rocks happened early, partly spurred by the Finnish national author Aleksis Kivi —Aleksis “Rock”— and his story about a group of seven brothers who together escape a raging bull by climbing on top of a large rock in the middle of a farm field.

Now with living in Palm Springs, which is littered by boulders big and small, has refreshed his attraction to these rocks. And that’s how his b/w series “Jumbo Rocks” was born. 


And 2 of Markku’s images from his day spent capturing the action at the Ramon Bros Circus when they came to his town earlier this year, were honorees in the Portrait category.    The Circus project in its entirety is here, not to be missed.

circus4f circus22cf