Faces+Food, Simon Puschmann’s Latest Personal Project

For 20+ year’s Simon has been creating his own brand of dramatic, unexpected imagery for some of the world’s most prestigious clientele — clients ranging from Audi, BMW, Hyundai, Kia, Porsche and Volkswagen to Doc Martens, FC St. Pauli and Lufthansa.

And with his latest personal project about reading into faces and food, Simon once again demonstrates to us how it is that he continues to avoid being put into any one photo category.  “Open Face” is a limited-edition, 55-page booklet filled with Simon’s striking b&w portraits paired with a still-life of each person’s sandwich of choice.  

Oh, and Simon’s sandwich of choice:  Salted President butter, 2 thin slices of dark chocolate Eszet Schnitten on Oma Brötchen (bread roll)

Do let us know if you’d like one, each page such a telling and tasty read.


simonpuschmann-openface-01 simonpuschmann-openface-03 simonpuschmann-openface-06 simonpuschmann-openface-11 simonpuschmann-openface-02

* The portraits were shot with a Leica M6 on Kodak Tri X film, the sammies were shot digitally with a Phase One camera and back.

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