Zack Seckler’s Personal Imagery Launches the Google Pixel.

Have you seen the Google Pixel phone yet? If so, we’re honored to say that you’ve likely seen Zack’s images in campaigns, on packaging and even within the phone itself.

It all started back in February when Google contacted him about using imagery for a top secret product. They were familiar with his fine art aerial imagery and wanted to bring that same sensibility to their launch campaign.

After much discussion about exclusivity and budgets, it was decided that they would fund an expedition like a fine art project.  Zack would be responsible for pretty much everything…production, locations, creative decisions, editing and retouching.  Ultimately he ended up finding a bush plane and local pilot and off they went on a seven day, 2000 mile journey across South Africa

To check out Zack’s BTS video that shares some of his adventure, go here.


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