Markku for M&C Saatchi/San Diego Zoo

Pulls all the right strings (again).  Art Producer Brian Bushaw of M&C Saatchi said it best about Why Markku Lahdesmaki for making these iconic San Diego Zoo concepts come to life: “There were a few key factors that led to awarding the job to Markku. The shots were challenging composites, requiring special attention to lighting and detail in the studio, as well as forethought into the backgrounds we’d be stripping in to. Markku is a master of both — his portfolio demonstrates this.

Additionally, there was a built-in level of trust, as this is not the first project Markku has worked on for The San Diego Zoo and M&C Saatchi — once his name entered the conversation, it immediately rose to the top. And, being local to San Diego definitely helped keep costs down — the Zoo is a not-for-profit entity, and keeping our marketing both creative and affordable is a priority.

The work could not have been better received — by both the public and the client! It really was a pleasure”.  Well said Brian, well said.

Back story on Markku’s site here:

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Back story and little video Markku’s site: