Photographer Clint Blowers Joins the Brite Family

Thrilled to announce that we are now representing this talented Chicago-based still-life artist whose still and moving imagery spans the range of drinks, food and conceptual.  And lucky us, he is just as passionate about his work as he is about his bowling — and happier still to spin a good yarn about it all (in a very distinctive, attention getting voice that some folks liken to a hybrid of Southern meets Standard Midwestern meets actor Owen Wilson drawl. Welcome Clint.

Full portfolio of stills and motion here:

clintblowers_atedge_atomic_zippo-1 clintblowers_atedge_awe_dinner-2 clintblowers_atedge_bike_tire clintblowers_atedge_chicago_mag_steak-1 clintblowers_atedge_fosters01 clintblowers_atedge_map-3 clintblowers_atedge_newsweek_fishtails-1 clintblowers_atedge_newsweek_fishheads-1 clintblowers_atedge_sailor_jerry02-1 clintblowers_atedge_tree-1 panera_sandwich_bite_html-1