Markku Unveils “Jumbo Rocks”, a new Photo Series

A life-long entertainer, the quiet and surprising kind, is Markku Lahdesmaki.   These innate qualities reflected in his approach to every aspect of his life — from his photography to the way he sees the world, always seeing or making fun or joy in every opportunity.   His latest series, currently entitled “Jumbo Rock” fits right in line.   Since youth, a fascination and love of large rocks was partly spurred by fellow Finnish countryman and author Aleksis Kivi —Aleksis “Rock”— and a story about a group of seven brothers who together escape a raging bull by climbing on top of a large rock in the middle of a farm field.  After recently moving to Palm Springs, which he discovered is littered by boulders big and small, his attraction to these rocks was refreshed.   You can follow this unfolding, continuing series on Markku’s Instagram here.