Ty Cole for Hewlett Packard for 180LA

“Hey Ty, we’d like for you to shoot a new campaign for HP. Well, actually three campaigns. It would be 9 images, each with a set build, at four different locations and you have 4 days to pull it off. Are you interested?”

The agency had us at hello with this campaign; a perfect mix of what inspires Ty — environmental portraits, people who create and amazing spaces.   And no one on Team Ty Cole gave a moments hesitation when asked to work through their Christmas (and okay New Year’s) holidays to produce these beauties.

To see more from Ty, go here.

Thanks to:

180LA + Creative Directors: Pierre Janneau & Fabiano Queiroz
Art Producers: Jason Lau/Deb Grisham
Producer:  Ink&Oranges

1141208.OJP_8-5x11_OJP8720_SP_.1A.P HP_LES_PWArmATL_SNG.p1.2A.P 1141208.OJP_8-5x11_OJP8720_SP_.1A.P HP_LES_PWArmATL_SNG.p1.2A.P 1141554.HPPRP16061_OJFashion_S.1A.P HP_LES_PWArmATL_SNG.p1.2A.P


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