Vincent Dixon creates beauty in nature for Le Petit Olivier

Vincent Dixon was commissioned by his long time collaborator, Xavier Beauregard (ECD at Leo Burnett Paris) to create still images and a TV spot for Le Petit Olivier’s  “Beauty is Everywhere”  campaign.  The campaign marks the brand’s 20 year anniversary and Xavier wanted to create something truly special to celebrate that.  He and Vincent wanted the project to have a fine art feel and kept that focus throughout every step of the project. 

The campaign was based on the concept of “Respect Beauty” and features natural looking landscapes that upon closer inspection are actually tightly shot, elegant nudes.  The beauty of this campaign is in its subtlety, attention to detail and the refined treatment that Vincent gave each image.

Vincent shot 20 final images which were compiled into a book and also shown as large scale prints in an exhibit at the  Nikki Diana Marquardt Gallery.    You can find the full campaign on his website.  

The TV spot has been running in France is also featured on the L.P.O. Website.




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