Goldfish by Parker + Biley:

Parker + Biley, the photographic, retouching and CGI team of John Parker and Clive Biley, spend time between assignments working on personal projects inspired by perfecting their technique and creating clever images that tell a story and entertain the viewer. Always keeping in mind their most discerning audience: their kids. Explains John, “We are always trying new lighting, color, and environment techniques with personal work so we are constantly expanding our capabilities. And thinking about our kids during the process keeps us pushing the concept until it is both smart and funny.”

Goldfish started with a sketch on the back of a napkin of a goldfish in his bowl wearing a plastic shark fin and evolved with elements being added along the way with the cat completing the story. Parker + Biley have a wide range of technical skills that they fine tune for each image with the goal of creating the most realistic image possible, even when building an image of something that could not exist in reality. The background and environment were photographic with all other elements developed in CGI with photographic references for texture.


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