Justin Carrasquillo Takes Us To Africa with First Issue of a New Promo Series: Unplug and Connect

Unplug and Connect : Far and Wide, the first volume of a new promo series from Justin Carrasquillo, lands this week from Africa, asking us to look up from our digital lives and spend a few minutes transported to the Serengeti. Justin, who is known for his travel blog “Adventures of the West,” spent a month in Africa, plane hopping from safari to safari with no access to cell phones, TV or the internet. “For four weeks I had no cell service and saw no TV screen, and yet I never felt so connected to my surroundings,” adds Justin. “I just feel technology can be a  leash of sorts and it’s good to take it off and be free once in awhile.  It let’s you find yourself and the beauty of this world.”


Justin’s images capture a different side of Africa. The vast, still landscapes of ancient trees and wild animals. The moment and land as they were experienced and felt, not captured after waiting for hours for a perfect shot. “I had my vintage 1960’s Nikon 24 mm on my camera the entire time,” said Justin. “I wanted to see the environment these animals were in. If I wanted a close up of a lion, I’d go to the zoo.”

But the trip was not all water buffaloes and zebras. There were also biting tse-tse flies. Lots of them. “They are attracted to large, dark objects, so the jeeps (mistaken for animals) swarm with them. If it would help, you would put gasoline on yourself, you wouldn’t care. But instead, you use bug nets, Deet and a lot of swatting.”

Unplug and Connect: Far and Wide is the first in a series. Each issue will focus on a different experience of being disconnected from our digital lives. Volume 2 will be titled Solitude and Serenity and feature people playing sports, happy and alone with their passion.

The entire volume is available to view on Issuu.


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