Simon Puschmann for the 2015 Audi R8

Audi’s Design Director Walter de’ Silva recently spoke about the starting point for all their ideas comes from the notion of the one-piece single-frame grille. Vertical slats in the single-frame grille bear the pronounced three-dimensional brand emblem. Concave surfaces around the elongated wheel arches lend the front additional width.  The magic of all Audi models emanates from the industrial design and from the statement they all make through this design. Each vehicle stands for itself, but also for Audi. We have become more sculptural, have more sex appeal, and that is precisely in keeping with today’s attitude towards life.

Those ideas then photographically inspiring Simon Puschmann in his latest work with the R8 — to create subtle yet powerful images showing the qualities that capture the dimension and the width and also the beauty found in a sculptural silhouette emanating out of nothing.

See the full campaign and credits here:

simonpuschmann-Audi-R8-001 simonpuschmann-Audi-R8-002 simonpuschmann-Audi-R8-003 simonpuschmann-Audi-R8-005 simonpuschmann-Audi-R8-007 simonpuschmann-Audi-R8-012 simonpuschmann-Audi-R8-013