Audi S3 by Simon Puschmann

Simon Puschmann’s latest work for Audi’s S3.  In keeping with Audi’s brand guidelines, the S series imagery needs to show the car in color against a black and white background.  Simon shot the background images in Portugal and then shot the cars at a separate location.  Simon said it was a tricky assignment to mix the color cars and black and white backgrounds while ensuring the images were also visually compelling at the same time.  Simon had a post production artist on set to create early layouts so that everyone had a clear idea of what he was envisioning and what the finals would look like.

Simon also had to shoot 360 degree files of both the cars and location images which were used in Audi’s latest interactive catalog iPad app.  The app allows the user to hold their iPad over the print catalog and it then creates a interactive experience where the user can move through the location and view that car at different angles.