Vincent Dixon – Mimi Foundation: If Only for a Second

It’s only every so often that a photo project comes along that’s so special it captures the attention of the news media and we’re very proud to work with someone who has done just that.

Vincent Dixon’s work for the Mimi Foundation, which helps patients dealing with cancer treatment, has started to trend online,  currently with 1.5 million views. It caught the attention of producers at NBC’s “The Today Show,” It was featured in Monday’s broadcast and it has also been featured on the Huffington Post as well.

Working with Leo Burnett France for the Mimi Foundation, Vincent captures the moments of carefree surprise and joy of twenty cancer patients that were given outrageous and unexpected makeovers. They were able to forget about their illness, if only for a second.

Vincent captured their reactions, and this moving video shows the process.  Check out Vincent’s blog post for more details on this project and a review of it for more images.

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