Vincent Dixon for Saving the Music

From the moment he received the hand-drawn layouts from friend/Leo Burnett Paris CD Xavier Beauregard, Vincent was in like Flynn.  This would be a passion project for UK-based audiophile company, dCS, that makes very high-end digital audio players. Save the Music was about how using their equipment you hear all the music, the purity of the music without all the grunge.  The imagery would need to tell what happens when you don’t use their equipment.

Their collaboration resulted in the real talent portraits of a rock musician, a jazz trumpeter, and a pianist playing a grand piano who would be covered in ‘oil’.  And with the exception of the piano which was a 3D model, Vincent managed every shot in camera; these striking images garnering him a 3rd Lucie Nomination.  C’est la Vie.

Fast forward to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest where this intriguing campaign would be rolled out to greet the attendees as well Vincent, in attendance as audiophile and able to see first-hand how his imagery would capture attention, educate the audience about dCSs dedication to the music.   To learn more about the dCS manifesto and to read more from this fellow-group of artists, pioneers and perfectionists on their commitment to quality, click here.   To see more from the campaign and other new work from Vincent, please go here.

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