Vincent Dixon: Photo Of The Day 31

From time-to-time, when I meet someone that knows someone in a random place, I usually say that the world is truly small but then in comes something from the Dear Friends diary (images Vincent sends from his year-long walk about with family) and it becomes kind of clear that it’s just not that small a world after all.

Dear Friends,

Visiting the Pushkar Camel Festival was probably the most exciting time I’ve spent on this trip. Pushkar is one of the oldest cities of India. It lies on the shore of Pushkar Lake, one of the five sacred dhams (pilgrimage site) for devout Hindus. According to Indian mythology, after visiting all the Hindu pilgrim towns and temples (Four Dhams), if Pushkar is not visited for worship, then salvation is not achieved. For the annual festival, countless people in their colourful attire gather to take a dip in the Holy Lake and pray to the deities. The whole town comes alive with vibrant folk music and dances, magic shows, horse and camel races, and various other traditional entertainment competitions. We spent ten days here; I took a lot of photos.  — Vin