Shawn Michienzi: “I have always believed you have to stay true to who you are, be passionate about what you do, find the joy in it. Be inspired. Making ads is a great day job – and I love it”

On the off-chance that you haven’t been-to or subscribe-to, A Photo Editor, a blog founded by former photo editor Rob Haggert, do yourself a creative favor and check-in there.  You will also find there a column by art consultant Suzanne Sease entitled:  Great Images in Still Advertising.  Recently Suzanne interviewed Shawn regarding his thoughts on clients, photography and how he brought his craftsman-like POV to photographic life on a campaign concepted to raise awareness for a National Geographic sponsored King Tut exhibit — “What would you bring with you in the afterlife?”  The ads meant to generate awareness for a touring exhibition which is visiting its final cities before returning to Egypt forever.

You can read this in its entiretly over on A Photo Editor by clicking here.